Short Final

Short Final: A Gentleman And A Scholar >>

I was flying over central Kansas when I overheard Center clear a jet pilot “direct destination.” The pilot, grateful, confirmed the clearance and added the compliment, “You're a gentleman and a scholar.” More

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Short Final: Returning To... >>

In August my wife won three free tickets to an NFL pre-season game. We live a few hours away from the stadium, so we decided to fly there... More

Short Final: Flight Following >>

I was flying with a student in SoCal. Before taxi, she got an appropriate VFR clearance as required per ATIS... More

Short Final: Visibility Good >>

On a particularly clear day I was practicing commercial maneuvers west of Sioux Falls when I heard a King Air check in with Approach... More

Short Final: Jumpers Away >>

While flying on a pleasant Sunday afternoon near Northwest Missouri, I heard the following on a local Unicom frequency... More

Short Final: Job Well Done >>

About a year ago I was training a student pilot. The college student was very intense and strived to be perfect at all her training.... More

Short Final: Florida Geography >>

My brother, J.R., and I have made a number of flights to the Bahamas in one of our two airplanes. Once we had a crowd, so we took both airplanes... More