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Santa Monica Airport To Impose More Fees >>

Residents in the urban neighborhoods that surround busy Santa Monica Airport in southern California have complained about operations there for years, citing noise, air pollution, and the danger from plane crashes, and now the city has approved new landing fees that not only more than double the fees for transient flyers, but also now apply to airport tenants, including flight schools. More

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Sully Slams Flight 302 FO... >>

Flight 1549 Capt. Chesley Sullenberger has weighed in on the MAX 8 discussion but from a crew training and experience perspective. More

Short Final: Flight Following >>

I was flying with a student in SoCal. Before taxi, she got an appropriate VFR clearance as required per ATIS... More

ATP Gets New Archers >>

ATP Flight School has announced that it has accepted delivery of eight Piper Archer TX aircraft. According to the school, the Archers will be going into... More

Flight Simulator Field Report >>

ATDs (Aviation Training Devices) can serve a variety of purposes. Whether it's initial flight training for VFR, IFR currency—thanks to new FAA... More

Teen Pilot Seeks Age Exemption >>

A California teenager has petitioned the FAA to exempt him from its minimum age requirements so he can set some records. More

Top Letters And Comments,... >>

This week's letters brought comments from readers about Boeing's acquisition of ForeFlight, the 2016 crash of a Cessna 182D Skylane and airline training... More