Boeing Targets 737 MAX Ungrounding In July >>

Boeing Targets 737 MAX Ungrounding In July

Reuters is reporting that Boeing is telling airlines that "it is targeting U.S. Federal Aviation Administration approval of its software fix as early as the third week of May and the ungrounding of the aircraft around mid-July."


Garmin Goes Supersonic >>

Garmin Goes Supersonic

Here's a case of an old, albeit fast dog learning new tricks: Garmin is celebrating the first flight of a G3000 integrated flight deck in an F-5 fighter. Garmin says that training firm Tactical Air Support finished the design and installation of the multi-panel suite over six months, giving the 1950s-era Northrop fighter the reliability and capabilities of modern avionics to go with its rakish good looks.


NASA Lander Hears Likely Mars “Quake” >>

NASA Lander Hears Likely Mars “Quake”

NASA says its InSight Mars probe has "measured and recorded for the first time ever a likely 'marsquake.'" The agency says the "first recorded trembling" appears to have emanated from inside the planet, as opposed to noise signatures from events on the surface.


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Bearhawk Designer Bob Barrows Injured In Landing Crash >>

Bob Barrows, who designed the Bearhawk line of experimental aircraft, suffered a landing accident on approach to Holly Ridge/Topsail Island Airport (N21) on Monday. According to reports, Barrows... More

Last Northrop N9M Crashes Near Chino >>

The Planes of Fame Northrop N9M crashed shortly after takeoff from the Chino, California, airport on Monday, killing the pilot. Photos on social media depict the crash site adjacent to a state... More

Criticism of Boeing Reaches The 787 >>

As if Boeing's pasting in the public eye over the 737 MAX wasn't enough, reports are surfacing that the company could be cutting corners at its Charleston, South Carolina, plant that... More

Drone NPRM Draws 899 Comments >>

The comment period on the FAA's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on its rules for drone operations has ended and 899 comments were received on the highly detailed document. More

SpaceX Crew Dragon Has Test Mishap >>

SpaceX suffered a setback in its manned program when one of its Crew Dragon capsules experienced “an anomaly” on a test stand at Cape Canaveral on Saturday. More

Wingtip Scuffed In Takeoff Mishap >>

On the same day an American Airlines A321 clipped a runway distance marker with a wingtip, an AeroMexico E170 dragged its left wing for about 500 yards down a runway in Mexico. More



The Real Risks Of Engine Failures

The Real Risks Of Engine Failures >>

Almost from the beginning of our flight training, pilots are drilled on simulated engine failures in every phase of flight. Once we're introduced to dealing with engine failures, we practice and perfect them, and then revisit them to ensure... More


The Pilot's Lounge #145: Tossing Flying Club Deadwood

The Pilot's Lounge #145: Tossing Flying Club Deadwood >>

Losing a pilot friend to a crash and thinking to yourself that “I saw this coming” and not having done all that you could to prevent the crash is one of the most horrible feelings you'll ever have in aviation. I know. I've been... More


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Rizse Introduces Superior Technology for Aircraft Maintenance Inspections

Rizse, a U.S.-based advanced drone robotics company, introduces its new solution for aircraft inspections. Utilizing autonomous drone hardware and proprietary software, Rizse's StreamSense platform provides a way to inspect both narrow and wide body aircraft fuselages for damage such as that caused by lightning strikes, hail and bird strikes.

Pacific Sky Aviation Implements Britannica's Fox Training Management System in Record Time

Pacific Sky Aviation Inc. (Pacific Sky), the British Columbia-based flight school, has implemented the Fox Training Management System by Britannica Knowledge Systems in the record-breaking time of three weeks.

UK aviation firms 'coping with Brexit uncertainty'

British aviation firms were given a welcome boost at an international exhibition.