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Sometimes Old Technology Is Appropriate >>

It can be hard to improve on some things that just work and the Air Force is coming to that realization with some of its legacy aircraft. More

Sun ‘n Fun Highlights Flight Training Trends >>

For the past several years, Sun 'n Fun has focused resources on training the next generation of aviation professionals. This year, it looks like that's starting to pay off. More

MAX And The Press >>

Covering this story is like pushing a chain. But we owe it to readers to get it as right as we can. More

Piper's Déjà Vu >>

Piper's introduction of a low-cost, entry-level trainer isn't exactly a new idea. But here's hoping it works better than the last time it was tried. More

To the Moon, Alice >>

Landing on the moon 50 years ago was just an expensive geopolitical stunt. Why would we want to do that again? More

None Dare Call It Murder >>

Some accidents are so egregious that using the word is all but unavoidable. More

Garmin Closes the Deal >>

With two new product intros, Garmin essentially owns the avionics market save for tiny niches where others still compete. BendixKing? A pale shadow of what it once was. More

Welcome Back, Mr. Hinson >>

New FAA admin nominee Steve Dickson even looks a little like former FAA chief Dave Hinson. But he'll at least have the advantage of knowing what hairballs are on the menu before he takes the job. More