Short Final: Visibility Good

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On a particularly clear day I was practicing commercial maneuvers west of Sioux Falls when I heard a King Air check in with Approach. He was told to descend to 4000 feet and expect the visual for Runway 15 when he had the field in sight.

King Air: “Five three golf we’re goin’ to four, and we actually picked up the field about forty‑four out.”

Approach: “Good!”

King Air: “There’s not too many days when you got visibility like this.”

Approach: “That is correct.”

About two minutes later the pilot was given a vector for sequencing. He complied, but then asked, “Approach, five three golf, where is that traffic? We’ll be lookin' for ‘im.”

Approach: “Um, 11 mile final to two one. You’ll never see him.”

King Air: “Oh, I dunno! Visibility’s pretty good today.”

Approach: “Yeah, but you’re old and your eyes aren’t that good.”

Will Drzycimski
Sioux Falls, SD

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