Short Final: Florida Geography

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My brother, J.R., and I have made a number of flights to the Bahamas in one of our two airplanes. Once we had a crowd, so we took both airplanes. He was in his Cessna 182 and I was in my Cessna 206.

On the return trip while crossing central Florida, near Orlando, on a beautiful VFR day (you have to know the Florida geography to appreciate this) I was leading in the 206, when J.R., trailing in the 182 called, “Hey, I lost sight of you.”

I answered, “I’m over this orange grove.”

J.R. replied, “Could you be a little more specific?”

I responded, “It’s the one next to a lake.”

This was received by a sarcastic, “Oh gee, thank you so much.”

Bill Poole
Huntsville, AL

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