Levil Drops Beacon ADS-B

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Levil Aviation has announced that it is ceasing development of its Beacon ADS-B Out module effective immediately. The company says that “irregularities and installation diversity have caused us to have FAA report compliance issues that we could not have foreseen. Because of this, we will no longer be moving forward with the Beacon project.”

Announced at Oshkosh 2017, the Beacon is an externally mounted ADS-B Out transmitter for experimental and light sport aircraft. It was originally introduced at $995 using an external GPS or $1395 with an internal GPS. Its design minimized the connections necessary with the rest of the aircraft, including picking up transponder codes by reading the transponder signal outside of the aircraft, having its own static source for altitude information and offering an internal GPS receiver (needing a remote antenna) for a position source.

The company told its customers that “anyone who owns a Beacon can trade it in for another Levil Aviation product of their choice or a full refund.”